August 19, 2020

Is this a good use of health care research resources?

In the midst of the pandemic, Dartmouth has studied 137 federal and state CoVid-19 related web pages and concluded they are all in violation of recommendations by the CDC, the AMA and the National Institutes of Health to keep medical information at a health literacy reading level of no more than eighth grade. Good to know. 

Of course, since Dartmouth has both a medical school and a school of public health, I’m thinking it might have been a more practical use of that research time and money to gather relevant CoVid-19 information, put it in language that even you and I can understand and distribute it to the public. Dartmouth would have gotten some positive free publicity and they would have been providing useable health care information to the public. 

(Just for the hell of it, I checked Dartmouth's website for public information on CoVid-19 and, according to the Flesch-Kincaid Grade readability scale, it’s written at eight grades above the reading level recommended by the CDC, AMA and NIH.)