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We watched as a pandemic put America’s health care system to the test. But the perfect storm of health care is yet to come. For decades, policy makers and stakeholders have ignored America's inevitable aging demographics, the troubling spread of chronic medical conditions and the mass exodus of health care professionals. In fact, leaders have no plans to address the crisis of access triggered by this perfect storm of health care. In Patient or Pawn? Jo shares the disturbing history of their epic fails, the indisputable realities that are already evident and the critical self-preservation strategies you need now to protect your rights to informed consent, autonomy and safety.

When Jo began to write Patient or Pawn?, her mission was simple: To explore and unveil the demographics of aging and chronic illness that threaten our rights to consent, autonomy and safety in health care; and to share the health literacy strategies needed for self-preservation. More than 500 scholarly and statistical resources later, that's exactly what she has done. 

What's essential to being an empowered patient, a decisive health care proxy or an engaged provider? Health literacy. It’s recognizing when, how and where to access reliable information needed for informed decision making. Health literacy is critical in any health care or caregiving situation, from scheduling an annual checkup to tracking medications, from dealing with a life-limiting diagnosis to hiring a home health aide and from choosing a pediatrician to accepting that it's time for hospice. Managing health care for yourself or a loved one is a challenging journey. Health literacy is your road map. 

Link to Amazon: The practical guide to Health Care Advance Directives (
2015 Edition) 

Every day 10,000 more Baby Boomers qualify for Medicare, the first wave of a demographic tsunami that will forever change aging and dying in America. And yet only 26 percent of American adults have health care advance directives. Jo’s guide to appointing an effective advocate and having meaningful instructions for end-of-life care is a practical response to the demographic crisis already impacting health care in America. Learn to prepare for what's coming while preserving patient autonomy and self-determination.

Link to Amazon:   EXIT - A novel about dying (2014)
EXIT embraces all you need to know about health care legal rights at life's end, told through heartwarming stories of love, laughter and legacy. Jo blends her legal expertise with her story-telling skills to weave a tale of love, laughter and the meaning of legacy in her first novel, EXIT. Travel with Jo to meet the inspiring folks of Rockaway House and share their wisdom on the meaning of a good death—and a good life.

The legacy of your beliefs and values,
life lessons and hopes for the future (2010)
You've been thinking about your legacy. You think it's measured in dollars and cents. It's not. Your real legacy is what you believe, what you know and what you hope for. An Ethical Will is a 3,500-year-old tradition and the modern expression of your beliefs and values, life lessons and hopes for the future. Learn how to leave a permanent record of what you stand for and how you want to be remembered.

Link to Amazon:  The Workshop Edition of 
Creating an Ethical Will
The legacy of your beliefs and values,
life lessons and hopes for the future (2011)
It's an easy-to-use workshop guide for creating and sharing your Ethical Will. It includes the full text of the original book; a DVD illustrating the contents of SO GROWS THE TREE, narrated by the author; discussion questions; and writing exercises.  

Link to Amazon:   Whose big idea was that?
Lessons in giving from the pioneers of value-inspired philanthropy (2012)
Whose big idea was that? shares the history of six iconic American charities and the stories behind each founder’s fateful determination to tackle a daunting challenge. These pioneers of Footprint Philanthropy™ built legacies that continue to nurture and thrive today. Their examples of courage demonstrate the enduring legacy of philanthropy inspired and guided by beliefs and values.