July 16, 2021

Patient or Pawn? - Jo's new book on America's perfect storm of health care

We watched as a pandemic put America’s health care system to the test. But the perfect storm of health care is yet to come. 

For decades, policy makers and stakeholders have ignored America's inevitable aging demographics, the troubling spread of chronic medical conditions and the mass exodus of health care professionals. In fact, leaders have no plans to address the crisis of access triggered by this perfect storm of health care. In Patient or Pawn? Jo shares the disturbing history of their epic fails, the indisputable realities that are already evident and the critical self-preservation strategies you need now to protect your rights to informed consent, autonomy and safety.

When Jo began to write Patient or Pawn?, her mission was simple. First, to explore and unveil the demographics of aging and chronic illness that threaten our rights to consent, autonomy and safety in health care; and second, to share the health literacy strategies needed for self-preservation. More than 500 scholarly and statistical resources later, that's exactly what she has done.

The print version of Patient or Pawn? is available now at Amazon.com: Patient or Pawn?