April 14, 2022

Children, patients and the elderly. Who speaks for them?

There's an interesting op-ed in today's Des Moines Register. Substitute the word "patient" or "elderly person" for every "child" and you will find the message equally relevant. 

Des Moines Register op-ed by E. J. Wallace

Gosh. Convening another "task force" wasn't the solution to a systemic problem? Almost hard to believe. As for passing legislative "solutions" that fly in the face of common sense and the will of constituents, nothing new to see here.

Child care, elder care and health care access are all in crisis mode. That's largely due to the demographic realities of a shifting dependency ratio and our leaders' unwillingness to acknowledge and prepare for what was entirely predictable.

As the Iowans most directly affected--parents, patients and advocates--we must be the change. Leaders' epic failures to act in a timely and competent manner leaves us little choice. The time to pursue innovative and cooperative answers for these life-altering dilemmas is now.