July 14, 2022

We need more beach umbrellas!

It's like watching a tsunami on the horizon while Iowa's policy makers call for more beach umbrellas. The Iowa leadership and legislature continue to deny Iowa is facing a devastating health care worker shortage in the near--and distant--future. A good example is the new program to fund 12 psychiatric residencies at the University of Iowa:

Jo's 7-14-2022 Letter to the Editor 

We're going to spend $1,200,000 annually on these psychiatric residencies, when we know (or at least some of us know) that two thirds of our graduating residents leave Iowa to practice medicine. As for our fellow states, are we generous, or what?

It would be super cool if this crisis of access would take care of itself without policy makers stepping up to address a life-limiting threat to Iowans' health. It won't.