October 15, 2022

This attack is much too close to home

Of course, I know there are cyber security risks swirling about 24/7, but it's all too vivid when it hits a health care provider in my own backyard. Last week, MercyOne, a part of the CommonSpirit Health family, was hit by ransomware. For many Iowans, it has meant delayed diagnostic tests, cancelled surgeries and potential harm from the lack of accessible electronic health information.

We have come to take for granted the wonder of having our glucose monitored remotely, doctors who can review our last test results with the click of a key and online appointment scheduling. Poof, and they were gone.

There are some simple action steps that can make your journey as a health care consumer or advocate safer and more likely to result in best health outcomes, even in the event of a techno catastrophe. Please take time to learn and practice those strategies for self-preservation.