April 20, 2023

Bridges to Health Care Access

Bridges to Health Care Access

Health care’s supply chain is broken. So broken. Demands are escalating, resources are dwindling and leadership is failing. And with each passing day, we recognize more signs of this crisis of access: Can't get an appointment with that specialist? Your primary care provider is suddenly gone? The procedure you need is postponed--again? It's time to ask: 

"Where will I be when the music stops?"

Jo has now incorporated her unique expertise in demographics, the health care workforce and health literacy into an innovative initiative, Bridges to Health Care Access. In lively presentations, she reveals facts—not speculation—on ledership's failure to acknowledge and prepare for this looming crisis. Then she shares her plan for individuals and “communities” to access health care and achieve best health outcomes. 

Visit the "BRIDGES" page to learn how you can achieve best health outcomes in spite of demographics, shortages and systemic failures.