March 14, 2024

You look away for a just a moment, and . . .

Meanwhile, as we're mesmerized by the geopolitical or economic shiny object du jour, health care giant UnitedHealth Group's subsidiary, Change Healthcare, is dealing with what is now called the most significant health care cyberattack in U.S. history. (One in every three health care claims in the U.S. are processed by Change Healthcare.) So far, it has paid $22 million in bitcoin ransom in an attempt to restore data since the February 21 attack.

Granted, there's little (read: nothing) you and I can do as individuals to stop these attacks or even to get policy makers or stakeholders to provide adequate security for our personal health care information. However, we CAN maintain our own digital and print records of crucial health care information. In an emergency or when seeing a new provider, you may be the only one with access to your medical history, current medications and existing conditions. Don't mess around--write it down. 

Change Healthcare cyberattack jeopardizes medical data