June 29, 2015

Documentary on patient/physician shared decision making

In one of those moments that seems like a coincidence but really isn't, I happened across a very informative and moving documentary on the IPTV World channel last night. It's called "Consider the Conversation 2" and you can click here to see when it will be rebroadcast in your area:  BROADCAST SCHEDULE ON WORLD CHANNEL.ORG
It includes the incredible story of a physician's honest admission about why he had suggested aggressive treatment in a case that he knew to be hopeless and a discussion of how to handle that dicey issue of "hope vs. reality." That is one of my deepest regrets when I think of my brother Wesley's diagnosis and struggle with leukemia in 1998: I was so busy working very hard to be "hopeful," we never talked about what it meant for him to face the possibility of dying.
This documentary is a comprehensive and hopeful perspective on what shared decision making between patient and physician can truly mean. It's for anyone who is now, or may one day, be a consumer of the health care system--oh yeah, that's all of us!